Israeli reports revealed that after the army failed to capture Bint Jbeil town, in southern Lebanon, army leaders requested several soldiers to take pictures showing the Israeli flag on top of a house in the town; several soldiers were killed by Hezbollah fighters while attempting to carry out the order.


An Israeli officer testified in front of the Knesset Committee of Security and Foreign Affairs and said that several soldiers who fought in Lebanon were killed while attempting to take pictures showing the army’s victory. 

Investigators into War events listened to the testimony of 30 soldiers from different ranks last Sunday, one of them, Eyal Bloom, testified the following events;

“Early August, one week before ceasefire, paratroopers were sent to Bint Jbeil town, in southern Lebanon to film Israeli soldiers occupying a rooftop and raising the Israeli flag”.

“The aim was to provide proofs that we occupied the town after sever battles with Hezbollah fighters. While taking pictures we were attacked by fighters and three soldiers were killed, later on armored vehicles were sent to the area to evacuate us, they were also attacked and several soldiers were killed”.

After the offices, Knesset member Ran Cohen, from Meretz party, said described the incident as “atrocity”, and added that this proves that the army was not sent to defend the country and its citizens, but was “sent to show off”".