Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Issa Qaraqe’, stated that scores of hunger striking detainees, held by Israel, have been moved to a number of hospitals and clinics, due to serious health complications.The Ministry of Detainees announced one of its lawyers managed to meet detainee representative of the detainees, Mahmoud Shabana, who told him that scores of detainees were moved to Israeli medical centers suffering serious complications.

Qaraqe’ said Israeli security officers told representatives of the detainees, during meetings to discuss their demands, that the Israeli security devices do not care if the detainees die due to their strike.

The Minister further said the detainees are likely to escalate their strike to include all Palestinians imprisoned by Israel (Around 5000 detainees) in the coming few days.

More than 200 detainees started their strike on April 24, while Israel is ongoing with its escalation, and is not willing to discuss their legitimate demands. Hundreds of detainees joined their strike later on.

Senior detained leaders, like Marwan Barghouthi, Ahmad Saadat and Abbas as-Sayyed are likely to join the strike this week.

Qaraqe’ said the Palestinian leadership have been raising the issue with various international parties, including the United States, and called on different human rights groups to act.

He held Israel responsible for the possible death of various detainees in the near future, especially those who are already in critical conditions.

The detainees held dozens of strikes demanding an end to the illegitimate Administrative Detention policy, holding dozens of detainees without charges or trial.

They are also demanding Israel to stop abusing them, to stop abusing their families, to end its solitary confinement policies and to grant them their internationally guaranteed rights, including the right to proper medical treatment and livable living conditions.