Israeli soldiers rearrested, Thursday, two Palestinians from Jabal al-Mokabber, in occupied Jerusalem, immediately after their release from prison after spending eight years behind bars.

Media sources said the two detainees have been identified as Anas Oweisat, 28, and Bassel Obeidat, 28, from Jabal al-Mokabber town, east of occupied Jerusalem.

The two were rearrested the moment they walked out of the main gate of the Negev detention camp and got into a Palestinian car.

They added that the two political prisoners served an eight-year prison sentence and were held in several prisons and detention camps during those years. They were both taken prisoner by the Israeli soldiers on December 14, 2014.

Their families and friends were preparing to celebrate their release in Jabal al-Mokabber, especially since they served their prison sentences, and were legally supposed to be released.

According to the Palestinian TV, the two detainees were later released, however, they were not allowed to go home but instead were forbidden from entering Jerusalem, before being sent to Beit Sahour city, east of Bethlehem.