A children’s book titled “P is for Palestine” is infuriating some New York Jewish mothers — who claimed that it is nothing but anti-Semitic propaganda disguised as a kids’ alphabet book.

Of the mothers’ comments on the book: “Omg. Crazy. I’m livid at this,’’ one woman wrote on Facebook. “I can’t believe it’s real and in NYC!”

Another post reads, “You have gall advertising your incredibly politically insensitive book on this site.”

And still another Facebook user wrote, “A children’s book on Palestine that doesn’t recognized the state of Israel is very sad.’’

The author, Golbarg Bashi, a Pace history professor and former Rutgers Iranian-studies instructor, told an audience at a bookstore reading Saturday, that she “came up with the idea for this book after I couldn’t find a book about Palestine for children.’’

She said, after her reading at Book Culture on the Upper West Side, “I love ABC books personally, and I have so many of them at home about all kinds of places — Mexico, United States, Italy, everywhere.”

Still, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, Bashi’s detractors point out that she has written pro-Palestinian blog posts, where she responded: “By all measured historical accounts . . . Israel is a racial and religious apartheid state,”.

Her book, which features colorful illustrations of Palestinian families, associates each letter of the English alphabet with Palestinian culture: “A is for Arabic, my tongue, a language that’s the 4th biggest ever sung!”

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