On Wednesday, The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee reported that three Palestinians, who Israeli soldiers shot in Jericho in Jericho on February 6th when the army also killed five Palestinians, remain hospitalized and effectively detained, at Hadassah Israeli medical center in Jerusalem, including one in critical condition.

The Committee said that Qussai Farah, 21, from Jericho, was shot in the left side of his abdomen and is currently at the Surgery Ward in stable condition but requires intensive medical care.

It added that the second detainee, Hassan Oweidat, 20, at the Intensive Care Unit, suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the shoulder and leg and underwent several surgeries, including implants in his leg, and still requires more surgeries.

An Israeli court is planning to hold a Thursday hearing to remand him until he recovers before being sent to an interrogation facility.

The Committee stated that the third wounded detainee, Ala’ Awadat from Jericho, remains at the Intensive Care unit in a very serious condition, hooked to a respirator, and added that a court hearing would be held Thursday to remand him.

The three Palestinians were shot during the February 6th Israeli invasion of the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho in the northeastern West Bank, when the army also killed five Palestinians identified as Rafat Wa’el Awadat, 21, and his brother Ibrahim, 27, Adham Majdi Awadat, 22, Tha’er Khaled Awadat, 27, and Malek Lafi, 22.