On Tuesday evening, Israeli sources said two soldiers were injured near Nablus, in the northern West Bank, and alleged that they were wounded in a “deliberate car-ramming attack” at the Za’tara military roadblock south of the city.  The driver turned himself in to the army and said the incident was a traffic accident.

According to Israeli sources, the Palestinian, who was unknown to the army until he turned himself in to the soldiers an hour later, said he did not intend to ram or injure the soldiers, adding that the incident was an accident due to bad weather, but he fled in fear of being shot by the soldiers.

The sources said the incident caused injuries to two Israeli reserve soldiers and added that the Palestinian was taken to an interrogation facility.

The army closed Huwwara and Za’tara military roadblocks and conducted massive searches in the surrounding areas.

On Monday morning, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian driver, Nassim Nayef Salman Abu Fouda, 26, from the southern West Bank city of Hebron, after shooting him in the head.

Media sources said the young man was driving near the military roadblock and started honking his car’s horns before a soldier started approaching him, and added that the young man got scared and tried to drive away but struck the soldier, who immediately stood up, started firing at the car, killing him and causing his car to crash into another vehicle.

Dozens of Palestinians have been killed or seriously injured in similar traffic accidents involving Palestinians and Israeli soldiers or colonizers across the occupied West Bank when the soldiers shot them after alleging the accidents were deliberate attacks.