THE JORDAN VALLEY, Wednesday, February 1, 2023 (WAFA) – The Israeli occupation forces yesterday notified several families from Humsa al-Fouqa, in the occupied northern Jordan Valley, to leave their homes for several days during February under the pretext of conducting military training.

Motaz Bisharat, an official in the Tubas Governorate, said the occupation army notified seven families from Humsa, many of them children, that they should be away from their homes for ten different days between February 5 and the end of the month because the army is going to hold military drills in the vicinity of their homes.

February is usually a very cold and rainy month, which means people who leave their homes have to live in open spaces during cold and rainy weather.

Rights groups said the Israeli army uses the pretext of military drills in order to expel Palestinians from the area, a policy it has been implementing for years.

Bisharat said the military exercises pose a threat to the lives of people who live in that area, mainly children, due to the remnants of ammunition left by the soldiers, not to mention the damage caused to large areas of rain-fed crops.