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15 Apr

Rainwater Harvesting Well Demolished near Hebron Camp

Israeli forces, on Thursday, demolished a rainwater harvesting well near al-Arrub refugee camp, north of Hebron city, in the southern West Bank, said a local activist. Local activist Muhammad Awad said that a bulldozers, escorted by Israeli forces and “Civil Administration” officers, stormed Abu Suda locality, opposite to Biet al-Braka […]

28 Mar

Soldiers Demolish A Home, Farm, Electricity And Water Networks, Uproot Trees, In Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday at dawn, an area north of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, demolished a home, a playground, electricity and water networks, in addition to uprooting farmlands, belonging to a Palestinian family.The demolished properties belong to a Palestinian, identified as Khader Nimir al-Jarashi, after the Israeli […]

25 Feb

Israeli Navy Opens Fire On Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

February 25, 2016 2:44 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Thursday morning, on several Palestinian fishing boats, only four nautical miles away from the Gaza shore, causing damage.The navy fired several rounds of live ammunition, hitting some boats, causing damage, and forcing the fishers back to the shore, in fear of additional assaults and […]

15 Feb

Report: Palestinians’ (Lack of) Access to Water in 2015

February 15, 2016 3:35 AM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

Thirsting for Justice finds that Palestinians’ access to water is worse, in 2015, than it was in 1995, due to Israel’s discriminatory water regime. Thirsting for Justice released a newsletter on the status of Palestinians’ right to water in 2015. The report explains that, since the Oslo Accords introduced a […]

14 Jan

Jordan Valley: 4 Greenhouses, Water Well Demolished

Israeli forces, on Thursday, demolished four greenhouses and a water well in the Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank, locals said.Bassam Maslamani, an activist who monitors settlement activity in the Jordan Valley area, told Ma’an News Agency that three Israeli bulldozers, escorted by five military vehicles, demolished the greenhouses […]

27 Dec

Egypt’s Seawater Pumping Project Endangers Gazans’ Lives

December 27, 2015 11:58 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, International, News Report 0

During recent months the subsidence of the land along the Egyptian border have become a great danger for the population of Rafah.12-24-15 | International Solidarity Movement | Gaza Team This is due to the Egyptian project that has been pumping seawater all along its border with the Gaza Strip. The […]

24 Dec

Israeli Settlers Flood Hebron Lands with Wastewater

December 24, 2015 8:00 AM IMEMC & Agencies Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli settlers from the illegal Metarim industrial zone, located to the east of Dhahiriya, south of Hebron, flooded land belonging to Palestinians.Bahjat Jabarin, Project and Proposal Manager of Environmental Quality Authority in Hebron, said the illegal settlement of Metarim includes four factories for soap, stone cutting, mineral oils and aluminum. […]

22 Dec

Israeli Navy Kidnaps Four Fishers In Gaza Waters

December 22, 2015 4:00 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

Israeli navy ships attacked, late on Monday at night, several Palestinian fishing boats, in the Beit Lahia sea area, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and kidnapped four fishers.Eyewitnesses said the navy fired several live rounds on the boats, and kidnapped four fishers; two of them have been […]

08 Dec

Israeli Navy Opens Fire On Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Tuesday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats, close to Gaza City shore, causing damage but no injuries.The fishers were only four nautical miles away from the shore, in the Sudaniyya area, northwest of Gaza City. On Monday evening, Israeli Navy ships attacked […]

01 Dec

Israel Confiscates Jordan Valley Water Pumps, ICRC Tents

Israeli forces confiscated, on Monday morning, water pumps which supply Khirebt al-Deer in the Jordan Valley, near the border with Jordan, depriving farmers of their sole irrigation source. Also on Monday, 10 tents donated to Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), were […]

10 Sep

RT Report: Nearly all of Gaza’s water ‘undrinkable’

September 10, 2015 4:04 AM Celine Hagbard Gaza Strip, Human rights, News Report 0

Reporters from RT (Russia Today) traveled to Gaza to look into last year’s report that 90% of Gaza’s water is undrinkable. As they sampled water from different parts of the coastal Strip, they found that the report is accurate – the water throughout Gaza is dirty, salty and undrinkable.“We can’t […]

17 Aug

VIDEO: Kafr Qaddum Punished by Damaging Water Supply

On Saturday the 15th of August 2015, the villagers from Kafr Qaddum once again demonstrated against the blockage of the road leading to Nablus as well as the nearby Kedumin settlement. In solidarity with the local people there were few international activists and journalists to cover the demonstration.16 August 2015 […]

12 Aug

Israel Denies Water Access to More Palestinian Villages

August 12, 2015 7:47 PM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, News Report, West Bank 0

During the hottest month of the year, the Israeli occupation has cut off water from three more Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank.The villages of Qarawat Bani Hassan, Biddya and Sarta, in the West Bank cityu of Nablus, have received only a partial supply of water, leaving almost half […]

08 Aug

Israel cuts water to Palestinian village, causing deaths of hundreds of farm animals

August 8, 2015 10:16 AM Celine Hagbard Human rights, Nablus, News Report 0

As an exceptionally hot summer heatwave continues to drain the region’s water supplies, this week Israeli water company Mekorot took the situation to a new level with the villagers of Kafr Qaddoum when the company cut off the village’s water supply.The village is almost entirely dependent on agriculture, and the […]

06 Aug

Qalqilia Protests Water Deprivation by Israeli Authorities

Dozens of Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum staged a sit-in, on Wednesday, to protest the Israeli national water company’s cutting off its supply to the village, locals said.Hamzeh Jumaa, the head of the village council, told Ma’an News Agency that the Israeli water company […]

28 Jul

Israeli Navy Attacks Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

A number of Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Tuesday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats, in Gaza waters, in the Sudaniyya area, north of Gaza City.Eyewitnesses said the navy fired several rounds of live ammunition on the fishing boats, causing damage but no injuries. The fishers had […]

06 Jun

Israeli Navy Attacks Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Saturday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters. Soldiers open fire on farmers in different areas. Media sources said the navy attacked Palestinian fishing boats in the al-Waha area, northwest of Beit Lahia in the northern part of the […]

02 Jun

Three Fishers Injured By Israeli Navy Fire In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Tuesday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats in the Sudaniyya Sea area, northwest of Gaza city, wounding three fishers.The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported that the wounded fishers have been moved to the Shifa Medical Center, west of Gaza […]

01 Jun

Soldiers Storm Jenin Area in Search of Water Wells

Israeli occupation forces stormed, on Sunday, the Marg Ibn Amer plain, west of the city of Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank, and launched a broad campaign in search of water wells in the region.Farmers said, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that Israeli military patrols roamed in […]

25 May

Settlement Sewage Water Pollutes Salfit Tourist Areas

The farmers and citizens of Salfit city, and of Kafr Al-Deek town, in the southern occupied West Bank, on Sunday, made complaints about the dangerous environmental damage they were facing because of the skunk water poured by the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel.Farmers said, according to the PNN, that the […]

22 May

Israeli Navy Attacks Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy ships attacked, on Friday morning, several Palestinian fishing boats in the Sudaniyya area, northwest of Gaza City, causing significant property damage.Eyewitnesses said the Navy fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition at fishing boats less than four nautical miles off the Gaza shore. The fishers had to sail […]

21 May

Detainee Adnan Is Only Consuming Water And Salt

May 21, 2015 3:54 PM IMEMC & Agencies News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

Hunger-striking detainee Khader Adnan, who started his strike nearly three weeks ago, is currently only consuming salt and water, rejecting medical checkups and any sort of supplements. Lawyer Ashraf al-Khatib of the Palestinian Detainees Committee said Adnan is determined to continue his strike until the Israeli authorities end his arbitrary […]

18 May

Israeli soldiers stalk 5-year old, spraying sewage-smelling water at him until he falls

May 18, 2015 2:08 AM Celine Hagbard Human rights, News Report, Ramallah 0

A group of Israeli soldiers were captured on camera chasing down a five-year old child in Kafr Qaddoum, spraying him with foul-smelling ‘skunk water’ until he fell down on some rocks.The incident took place around the time of the weekly non-violent protest on Friday against the Wall and Settlements, but […]

17 May

Bennett Wants to See Palestinians Become ‘Water Carriers and Wood Hewers’ for Jews

If you think that the UN was wrong in labeling Zionism as a racist movement, think again.Of course, Zionist crimes, committed in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people, have not stopped ever since Zionist supremacists declared their plans to create an exclusive Jewish state in Palestine in the […]

10 May

Israeli Navy Kidnaps Two Fishers In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Sunday morning, on fishing boats in Palestinian territorial waters, in northern Gaza, causing damage to one boat, before the soldiers kidnapped two fishers.Nizar Ayyash, head of the Palestinian Fishers Syndicate, told the Radio Bethlehem 2000 that the navy kidnapped Hatem Abdul-Rahman Sultan, 33, and […]

29 Apr

Settlers Damage Water Pipes in Hebron’s Old City District

April 29, 2015 4:13 PM IMEMC & Agencies Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

A group of Israeli settlers damaged water pipes serving the Palestinian community in Hebron’s Old City, Tuesday, according to locals.Mufid al-Sharabati, a resident of Shuhada street, told Ma’an News Agency that a group of settlers deliberately made holes in the plastic water pipes providing water to Palestinian homes. The burst […]

12 Mar

Israeli Navy Opens Fire On Palestinian Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

March 12, 2015 1:51 PM Saed Bannoura Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Thursday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters, in the Sudaniyya Sea area, northwest of Gaza City.Local fishers said the navy fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition towards a number of fishing boats less than four miles off […]

08 Mar

Fisherman Killed By Israeli Fire In Gaza Waters

Palestinian medical sources have reported that a fisher who was shot and injured by Israeli navy fire, earlier Saturday, died of his wounds in the Shifa Medical Center, in Gaza, a few hours after his injury.The fisher, Tawfiq Abu Ryala, 34, was shot in the abdomen when Israeli naval ships […]

07 Mar

Fisherman Moderately Injured, Two Kidnapped, In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy boats opened fire, on Saturday at dawn, at Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters, moderately wounding one fisher, and kidnapped two others.Ziad ‘Ayyash, head of the Palestinian Fishermen Syndicate, said resident Tawfiq Abu Ryala, 25, was shot in the abdomen, while Jihad and Wahid Sayyed Kaskin, were […]

05 Mar

Two Fishers Shot, Four Kidnapped In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy vessels attacked, on Thursday morning, a number of Palestinian fishing boats, wounding two fishers by live rounds, and kidnapped four others, in Palestinian waters near the Sudaniyya area, northwest of Gaza City. Local fishers said the two wounded residents suffered moderate injuries, and were moved to the Shifa […]

22 Feb

Aida Refugee Camp Flooded by Excess Settlement Water

Aida refugee camp, north Bethlehem city, has drowned after the Gilo settlement opened its barrages, throwing all excess rain and melted snow water onto the camp. Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians were evacuated from their homes, Sunday morning, after Israeli authorities opened a number of dams near the border, flooding the […]

02 Feb

Israeli Navy Attacks Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

February 2, 2015 1:39 PM Saed Bannoura Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Monday at dawn, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats near the Sudaniyya shore, northwest of Gaza city. Eyewitnesses said one of the navy ships chased the fishing boats while firing rounds of live ammunition, forcing the fishers back to the shore. The boats […]

29 Jan

Israeli Forces Destroy 1,000 Meter Water Pipe Donated to Yezra

January 29, 2015 11:08 PM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, Jordan Valley, News Report 0

Israeli bulldozers, on Thursday, destroyed a water pipe being used in connecting the West Tubas district’s Atoof village with Khirbet Yezra, in the northern Jordan Valley.Head of Al-Maleh local council, Aaref Daraghmeh, said that the pipe had length of 1,000 meters, and was donated by Agricultural Relief to provide the […]

01 Dec

Israel to Build Water Barrier Along Jordan and Egypt

December 1, 2014 5:02 AM IMEMC & Agencies Israel, Israeli Politics, News Report 0

Following the first phase in approving a controversial bill to officiate Israel as a uniquely Jewish nation state, Israeli authorities now intend to build a water barrier to expand its political hegemony. Israel’s Foreign Minister, furthermore, has proposed paying off Palestinian citizens to leave the country.PNN correspondence reported, Sunday, that […]

29 Nov

Hunger Striking Detainee Refusing Water

November 29, 2014 4:15 AM IMEMC & Agencies Israel, News Report, Prisoners 0

Palestinian detainee Nahar Al Saadi, from Jenin, is now in his first week of hunger strike in protest of ill-treatment from the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) and their denial of a visit by his mother.The Palestinian Prisoners Club stated Wednesday that Nahar, in solitary confinement for a year and half, […]

18 Nov

Desalinated Drinking Water Inducing Cancer and Other Fatal Illnesses in Gaza

November 18, 2014 3:25 AM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Strip, Miscellaneous, News Report 0

Iyad Salman was terribly shocked to find out that his 9-year-old son, Mohammad, has osteoporosis, an illness that became hugely spread between the children of Gaza. Iyad assured that he was always keen that his children have a healthy lifestyle.However, his son became ill after buying and drinking desalinated water […]

22 Oct

Four Palestinian Fishermen Kidnapped In Gaza Waters

October 22, 2014 1:57 PM Saed Bannoura Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli navy boats attacked, on Wednesday morning, a Palestinian fishing boat close to the Gaza shore in the Sudaniyya area, north of Gaza City.Eyewitnesses said the navy fired rounds of live ammunition at a boat belonging to members of Abu Bakr family, and kidnapped five of them. The kidnapped fishermen […]

09 Sep

Four Fishermen Kidnapped In Northern Gaza Waters

September 9, 2014 1:26 PM Saed Bannoura Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli navy boats attacked on Tuesday, at dawn, Palestinian fishing boats in the Sudaniyya Sea, near Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and kidnapped four fishermen.The Maan News Agency has reported that the fishermen, all members of the Sultan family, have been kidnapped by the navy, […]

04 Sep

West Bank: Israeli Forces Close Agricultural Roads, Confiscate Water Pipes

September 4, 2014 9:37 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, News Report, West Bank 0

Israeli forces, on Thursday, closed agricultural roads in Idhna and confiscated water pipes from al-Baq‘a, located respectively to the west and east of Hebron, according to municipal sources and witnesses.WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency has reported that several agricultural roads were closed in al-Bas springs, al-Khirbi al-Bayda, Khirbet al-Ras, […]

31 Jul

Dr. Mona El-Farra: ‘We have no power and no water.’

“We don’t have power at the moment. We don’t have water,” physician Dr. Mona El-Farra told The Electronic Intifada from Gaza today. Dr. El-Farra works with the Palestine Red Crescent Society and is the director of Gaza projects at the Middle East Children’s Alliance.7/30/14 | The Electronic Intifada | Nora […]

17 Jul

Growing Water Crisis in Gaza

Following a week of Israeli airstrikes, hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents remain without running water. International aid agencies warned Tuesday that Israel’s ongoing destruction of Gazan infrastructures threatens the entire coastal strip with a water crisis within days. 16 July 2014 | Alternative Information Center | Connie Hackbarth ‘Within […]

13 Jul

Israeli Airstrikes Bomb Major Water Line, Sewage Station and Water Wells in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes bombed a major water line and sewage plant, west of Gaza City, which provides water to tens of thousands of citizens and is regarded as the main water line for al-Shati refugee camp west of the city.The director of the Water Department in the Municipality of Gaza, Saad […]

02 Jun

Tens of Thousands of Jerusalemite Palestinians Still Lacking Water

A statement recently released by Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem has revealed that 60-80,000 Palestinian Jerusalem residents have been without running water for 3 months.According to the statement, several neighborhoods in north-east Jerusalem, namely the Shu’fat Refugee Camp, Ras Khamis, Ras Sh’hadeh and Dahiyat a-Salam, all separated from the rest […]

23 May

Contaminated Water Lands Striking Detainees In Hospital

May 23, 2014 1:36 PM Saed Bannoura News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

The Palestine Detainees Study Center quoted lawyer Rami al-Alamy stating that the Prison Administration at the Be’er As-Sabe’ (Beersheba) Israeli Prison had to move all hunger striking Palestinian detainees to the Soroka Medical Center due to contaminated water.Amina Tawil, media spokeswoman of the Center, stated that a doctor at the […]

07 May

Two Fishermen Injured In Gaza Waters

[Wednesday, May 7, 2014] Palestinian medical sources have reported that two fishermen were injured after Israeli Navy boats chased Palestinian fishing boats in territorial waters, west of Gaza city.The sources said the two fishermen, of the Bakr family, suffered mild-to-moderate wounds, and were moved to the Shifa Medical Center. Eyewitnesses […]

09 Apr

Bethlehem; Settlers Flood Farmlands With Wastewater

[Tuesday, April 8, 2014] A number of Israeli settlers from the Efrat settlement, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, flooded Palestinian farmlands in al-Khader town with sewage.Coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in al-Khader, Ahmad Salah, stated that the settlers pumped sewage into eight […]

08 Apr

Thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem Without Water

Tens of thousands of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem have been without running water for more than a month, victims of a decrepit and overwhelmed infrastructure and caught in a legal no-man’s land caused by the divisions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.The residents of the Shufat refugee camp are technically part […]

08 Apr

Israeli Navy Opens Fire On Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

[Tuesday Morning, April 8, 2014] Israeli Navy boats opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats in Palestinian territorial waters, near Gaza city, causing excessive damage.One of the fishermen reported the navy to have fired several rounds of live ammunition at the fishermen and their boats in the Sudaniyya area, northwest of […]

18 Mar

13 Days Without Water in East Jerusalem

The East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ras Shehada, Ras Khamis, Dahyat A’salam and the Shufat refugee camp, which are cut off from the rest of the city by the separation wall, have gone without running water since March 4. (Al Ray) Locals say that Ras Shehada has had problems with water […]

16 Mar

$170m Loss for Israeli Water Firm as BDS Spreads Southward

In the latest success for the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, authorities in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have suspended a proposed $170m water treatment plant deal with Israeli state water firm, Mekorot. The decision comes after a recent campaign by local trade unions and human rights groups […]

08 Mar

Three Days, No Water for Some 50,000 East Jerusalem Residents

Some 50,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem have been without water for three days, after their water supply was cut off, on Tuesday. The residents are from the Shufat refugee camp and the neighborhoods of Ras Hamis, Ras Shehada and Hashalom – all within the Jerusalem municipality, and where a majority […]

16 Feb

Israel Cuts Off Water Supply to Several Jerusalem Homes

Israeli authorities, Sunday, completely cut off the water supply of 14 houses in the old city of Jerusalem, under the pretext of accumulated debts, bringing the number of houses without water to 44 homes, according to an official. Ashraf al-zorba, responsible on following up on water issues in the old […]

11 Feb

Army Kidnaps Three Fishermen In Gaza Waters

February 11, 2014 3:35 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

[Tuesday Morning, February 11, 2014] Israeli Navy ships attacked Palestinian fishing boats in Palestinian territorial waters, near Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, and kidnapped three fishermen.Local sources have reported that the navy forced fishermen in two boats to leave their boats, and kidnapped them. The navy then towed the two […]

20 Dec

Israeli Navy Chases Fishermen, Confiscates Fishing Equipment in Gaza Waters

December 20, 2013 3:22 AM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

Israeli Naval Forces stationed off Beit Lahi shore, in the northern Gaza Strip, opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats in 4 separate incidents, while sailing between 600 meters and 3 nautical miles. Israeli naval forces also confiscated 24 fishing nets.The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) expresses concern over the […]

22 Oct

Settlers Flood Farmlands With Sewage Water

[Tuesday October 22, 2013] A number of extremist Israeli settlers used sewage water to flood Palestinian farmlands in the Al-Khader town, south of the West bank city of Bethlehem.Head of the Al-Khader Local Council, Tawfiq Salah, stated that settlers of the Efrat settlement, built on lands that belongs to the […]

19 Sep

Fishermen Sentenced To One Year For Entering Egyptian Waters

September 19, 2013 12:23 PM IMEMC & Agencies Arab World, Gaza Siege, News Report 0

Egyptian sources have reported that an Egyptian military court sentenced on Wednesday [September 18, 2013] five Palestinian fishermen to one year imprisonment after “convicting” them of violating Egyptian territorial waters.The Anadolu Turkish news agency stated that the five fishermen accidentally crossed into Egyptian waters while fishing. Palestinian fishermen in Gaza […]

15 Sep

Egyptian Navy Boats Enter Palestinian Waters In Rafah

September 15, 2013 11:18 AM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

[Saturday evening September 14, 2013] Palestinian security sources in the Gaza Strip have reported that a two Egyptian Navy boats sailed into Palestinian territorial waters in the Gaza Strip, chased Palestinian fishermen, opened fire at their boats, and arrested a fisherman.The sources said that the Palestinian boats did not enter […]

09 Aug

Nabi Saleh weekly protest on friday: Israeli soldiers fire tear gas and skunk water

During friday’s weekly protest in the village of An Nabi Saleh the villagers once more stipulated their discontent over their difficult situation under the occupation. The peaceful protest was met with tear gas and skunk water from the Israeli military.Friday at noon the weekly protest against the occupation took place […]

26 Jul

British Human Rights Activist Wins Water-meter Fight

A British Palestine supporter won a battle this week to stop Southern Water company installing an Israeli-made water meter at her home.The “Morning Star” newspaper said in its online edition that Brighton resident, Caroline O’Reilly was so determined not to have an Israeli-made meter that she even sat in a […]

19 Feb

PCHR Condemns the Israeli Forces’ Assaults on Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza Waters

February 19, 2013 9:24 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Strip, Human rights, News Report 0

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the Israeli Navy’s escalation of attacks against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip and expresses its deep concern for such escalation, which resulted in arresting two fishermen and confiscating their boat today.According to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 10:15 on Monday, 19 February […]

24 Oct

After 115 Days Of Hunger Strike, Palestinian Detainee Stops Water Intake

October 24, 2012 2:30 PM Saed Bannoura News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

Palestinian detainee, Ayman Ash-Sharawna, has been on hunger strike for 115 days, and stopped drinking water on Wednesday, escalating his strike as Israel still refuses to release him, and due to pressures practiced against him by the Prison Administration.A lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) managed to visit Ash-Sharawna […]

21 Oct

Israeli Navy Illegally Seizes Humanitarian Aid Ship In International Waters

October 21, 2012 3:33 AM Saed Bannoura Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

In an act violating international maritime law, Israeli naval forces boarded a humanitarian aid ship, the SV Estelle, that was en route to the Gaza Strip bringing humanitarian aid supplies including musical instruments and building materials. These are among the thousands of items still banned by Israeli forces from entering […]

02 Aug

Solving the Water Crisis in Palestine

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated that solving the water crisis in Palestine is among his top priorities.Perhaps the first thing one notices upon arrival in Israel/Palestine is the distinct difference between the Arab and Jewish homes. Every Palestinian home in the West Bank or Gaza, and many in Israel, […]

30 Jul

Water Crisis in the West Bank and Gaza Continues

July 30, 2012 3:05 PM IMEMC News Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

Israel gives illegal settlers 70 times more water than Palestinians in the West Bank according to the head of the Palestinian Water Authority and Ma’an News.On Sunday in Ramallah, Shaddad Attili said at a press conference that Palestinians received 105 million cubic metres of water. That is less than the […]

18 Jul

Israel Issues Demolition Order on Two Water Cisterns

On Tuesday, the Israeli army raided Al Qanoub area in Sa’ir, eastern Hebron and issued a demolition order on two cisterns used to irrigate land for the benefit of twenty people, of whom more than half are children.One cistern owned by Basem and Omar al-Shalaldais is used to irrigate farmland […]

26 Jun

Army Demolishes Sheds, Confiscates Water Tanks In Wadi al-Maleh

On Monday afternoon Israeli soldiers demolished several sheds used by Bedouins in Wadi al-Maleh in the northern plains of the West Bank. They confiscated several water tanks used by the residents, in an attempt to force them to relocate and leave the area. Local sources reported the several Israeli military […]

15 Jun

Gaza Water Unfit For Human Consumption

June 15, 2012 9:16 AM Saed Bannoura Gaza Strip, Human rights, News Report 0

Several charitable non-governmental organizations in the Gaza Strip issued a statement warning the residents that drinking water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption, and adding that the water in the coastal region cannot be consumed by human beings due to the fact that it is contaminated with chemical manure […]

15 Jun

Israeli Navy Attacks Oliva Boat and Holds another Boat in Gaza Waters

On Wednesday, 13 June 2012, the Israeli Navy attacked Oliva Boat, which monitors the situation off the Gaza coast, and held a fishing boat in Rafah waters in the southern Gaza Strip with 2 fishermen on board. The navy released the international boat after attacking its crew with water hoses […]

07 Jun

Water Well Destroyed by Israeli Forces

June 7, 2012 1:48 PM Sarah Snobar Israeli attacks, Jenin, News Report 0

A water well north of Jenin was bulldozed by Israeli forces on Thursday morning.Local security forces said that the bulldozers destroyed the well near Beit Qad village, north of Jenin. The well belonged to a Palestinian resident of Tubas and provided water for tens of acres in Beit Qad plain. […]

29 May

Fuel Crisis Impacts Water and Sanitation Services in Gaza

May 29, 2012 3:00 PM William Temple Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

The current fuel crisis in Gaza, now in its fifth month, is causing extended power outages that severely disrupt the lives, health and livelihood of the region’s 1.6 million residents. It also severely affects the fuel-dependent fishing industry, already crippled by restricted access to Gaza’s fishing waters imposed by Israel’s […]

22 May

Israel’s Control and Use of Water Leads to Water Crisis

May 22, 2012 3:08 PM Sarah Snobar Human rights, News Report, West Bank 0

The water crisis in the West Bank is a consequence of Israel’s control and use of water resources, PA Prime Minister Salem Fayyad said on Monday. A conference on water and the prospects for agriculture was organized by the Palestine Technical University where support for farmers and Palestinians right to […]

23 Jan

€10 Million Water Supply Agreement Signed by the P.A. & France

Palestinian Authority news agency WAFA are reporting that the P.A. has signed a water supply agreement with France on Monday worth €10 million.WAFA state that the agreement was signed at the Palestinian-French Municipalities Conference in Hebron, and intends to improve water services for 150,000 residents in the West Bank. The […]

29 Dec

Israeli navy attacks international observers, injures Palestinian, on monitoring boat in Gaza waters

December 29, 2011 9:55 AM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

At 10:55 am on Wednesday December 28th, an Israeli naval warship attacked the international observers and Palestinian captain of the Civil Peace Service Gaza (CPSGAZA) boat Oliva, injuring its captain in an apparent attempt to capsize it.“The Israeli navy passed near us and the fishermen, and started to go around […]

27 Nov

Israeli officials threaten to cut electricity and water if Palestinians form unity government

November 27, 2011 4:26 PM Saed Bannoura Gaza Siege, Israel, News Report 0

The Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister told reporters that the Israeli government is considering cutting off the Gaza Strip’s meager supply of electricity and water if the Palestinian Authority manages to form a unity government.The two main Palestinian political parties, Hamas and Fateh, have been meeting in Cairo in recent weeks […]

28 Sep

Three confirmed dead in Gaza tunnel from Egyptian wastewater attack

September 28, 2011 12:10 AM Saed Bannoura Miscellaneous, News Report, Rafah 0

After Egyptian forces flooded a smuggling tunnel with wastewater on Sunday in an attack aimed at stopping Palestinian smuggling, two men were missing and one badly injured. Two days later, all three Palestinian men have been confirmed dead. The victims were identified as Fadi Mustafa Ash-Shaer, 20, Firas Ahmad, 18, […]

15 Sep

Israeli military continue to target water wells in the West Bank

September 15, 2011 2:14 AM George Rishmawi Israeli attacks, Jordan Valley, News Report 0

An Israeli military force invaded Al-Far’a area in the eastern part of the West Bank near Tubas near the Jordan Vally. The military took photographs of the existing water aquifers in the area, and informed the residents that they will come back to destroy the aquifers.Hussein Al-Hmud, head of the […]

15 Jul

Navy Attacks “Olivia” Boat In Palestinian Waters in Gaza

July 15, 2011 12:25 AM Saed Bannoura Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

The Palestinian Society for Fishing and Water Sports reported that the international boat, Olivia, run by human rights activists to monitor Israeli violations against Palestinian fishermen, was located in front of the Gaza Shore after losing all communications for one hour as the Israeli Navy attacked it.The navy used water […]

23 Jun

OIC: “Water Situation in Gaza Deteriorating”

June 23, 2011 7:50 PM Saed Bannoura Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) issued a report warning of the sharp deterioration of the water situation in the besieged Gaza Strip due to the devastated infrastructure in Gaza resulting from Israel attacks, and the establishment of wastewater treatment plants on top of fresh water reservoirs.The OIC said […]

12 May

B’Tselem: “Israel Exploits Water Resources From The Palestinians”

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem), reported that Israel is heavily exploiting water resources in the Jordan Valley despite the fact that most of the water resources belong jointly to the Palestinians and Israel.Yet, Israel took over most of the wells drawing 32 million […]

12 Apr

Israeli Military Demolishes a Water Well and a Farm In Bethlehem

Israeli military forces demolished a water well designed to collect rain water and an agricultural structure in al-Khader village southwest of Bethlehem on Monday. The well and the building belong to Mohammad Dar Issa and his brothers. The well can collect some 90 cubic meter of water, and the building […]

28 Mar

Israel Destroys Ancient Water Reservoir In Bethlehem Area

March 28, 2011 5:02 AM Saed Bannoura Bethlehem, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Officials from the Palestinian Authority criticized the destruction this week of an ancient water well and reservoir southeast of Bethlehem used by Palestinian Bedouin shepherds as their main sources of water.Israel’s destruction of water wells and other infrastructure used by the Bedouin tribes is a common practice. One Bedouin village […]

08 Mar

Khirbet Tana Water Confiscated By Israeli Army

March 8, 2011 12:59 AM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, Nablus, News Report 0

The Ma’an News Agency reports that Israel has continued its campaign against Khirbet Tana by confiscating 20 portable water tankers on Monday morning.The tankers were brought into the village after Israeli military forces blocked the village’s wells during a demolition. Khirbet Tana has been demolished six times recently. According to […]

11 Feb

France Grants P.A €10 Million To Finance Water Services In Bethlehem

February 11, 2011 10:19 AM Saed Bannoura Miscellaneous, News Report, West Bank 0

The Palestine News and Information Agency, WAFA, reported Thursday that Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, signed an agreement with the French State Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Michèle Alliot-Marie and General Director of the French Development Agency (AFD) Dov Zerah, under which France will be granting […]

05 Feb

UN condemns Israeli destruction of Palestinian water systems

February 5, 2011 11:17 AM Saed Bannoura Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

After documenting the destruction of 27 water cisterns, and diversion of 15 mountain springs by Israeli forces over the last year, the Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Territories for the United Nations, issued a statement condemning the attacks on water.Israeli occupation forces and settlements control 75% of the water in […]

04 Feb

UN Criticizes Destruction of Palestinian Water Resources

February 4, 2011 12:10 AM IMEMC & Agencies Miscellaneous, News brief, Palestine 0

Israel’s continued destruction of Palestinian water resources has been criticized by the UN and the Palestinian Water Authority.In a joint statement, the two organizations condemned the destruction of water cisterns in areas of the West Bank that are under direct Israeli control. According to United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator […]

20 Jan

Four Fishermen Kidnapped In Palestinian Waters In Southern Gaza

January 20, 2011 10:46 PM Saed Bannoura Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

The Israeli Navy kidnapped attacked late on Wednesday at night a Palestinian fishing boat in Palestinian territorial waters, near Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and kidnapped four fishermen. The four were taken to an unknown destination; they were identified as Ahed Abu El Kheir, his […]

17 Jan

Fayyad: “Blackwater Is Not Operating In The West Bank”

Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Faayyad, stated Sunday that the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is not dealing with American security company, Blackwater, and that the United States hired Blackwater to provide protection for senior American figures visting the West Bank and Israel. “We have nothing to do with […]

12 Jan

US Hires Blackwater-affiliated Security Firm To Operate In The West Bank

January 12, 2011 1:58 AM IMEMC News International, Miscellaneous, News Report 0

The US State Department signed a deal with a company closely associated with the Blackwater security firm to provide ‘security services in the West Bank’, The Washington Post said on Monday.The new deal worth more than $84 million a year will enable the group to provide protective security in the […]

12 Nov

International Aid Workers on Gaza-bound Boat Stuck in Libyan Waters

November 12, 2010 9:23 PM IMEMC News Gaza Siege, International, News Report 0

At least a dozen international aid volunteers are on board a boat off the coast of Libya, where they are allegedly being held captive by the boat’s captain, according to the British government.Seven British members of an aid convoy to Gaza are being held captive in the Libyan sea, aboard […]

24 Oct

Settlers Attack Dozens of Protestors, Spray Them With Wastewater

October 24, 2010 10:22 AM Saed Bannoura Hebron, Israeli Settlement, News Report 0

A group of fundamentalist Jewish settlers attacked on Saturday a group of nonviolent protestors who demanded Israel to reopen the Al Shuhada Street, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. The settlers hurled stones at the protestors and sprayed them with waste-water. The Youth Coalition Against settlements organizes weekly […]

17 Aug

In summer, West Bank towns have little water

FAQUA, West Bank (CNS) — You won’t find one dripping faucet in all of the northern West Bank village of Faqua, joked village council head Amar Abu Farha with the trademark black humor Palestinians have developed over the years.’Every drop of water is too important,’ he said, laughing bitterly. Ironically, […]

18 Jul

UN Report: Severe water crisis in West Bank

July 18, 2010 11:25 AM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, News Report, West Bank 0

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Israeli control of water supplies in the West Bank has led to a severe water crisis for Palestinian residents. The situation is worst in the Israeli-controlled stretch of land known as Area C, where the Palestinian Authority (PA) is […]

31 May

Israeli commando pirates attack Gaza flotilla in international waters

OK, where do we start? how many international laws were being breached, violated, broken, trampled?Ten activists, maybe up to sixteen by the latest reports, were killed today when Israeli commandos launched a brazen attack against the Gaza flotilla which was sailing to “break the siege” with humanitarian aid and hundreds […]

08 Apr

Landau Calls For Cutting Water Supplies In West Bank

Israeli Infrastructure Minister, Uzi Landau, threatened that Israeli would cut water supplies if the Palestinians do not install water treatment plants. His statement disregard the fact that Israel is not allowing the Palestinians to built water treatment facilities. Landau stated that “while Israel gives the Palestinians clean water, they destroy […]

12 Feb

Israeli Military Destroys Five Water Cisterns And Three Farming Huts In Southern West Bank

February 12, 2010 4:25 AM Ghassan Bannoura Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli military bulldozers demolished five water cisterns and three farming huts owned by farmers from Ithna village, southern West Bank, on Thursday. The soldiers also confiscated water pumps and electricity generators used by the famers, witnesses told local media. The army says the structures where built in close proximity to […]

20 Jan

Israeli Minister claims Israel provides Palestinians “more than enough water”

January 20, 2010 6:42 AM Saed Bannoura Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

On Monday Israel’s National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau told a meeting of German Ministers that Israel gives the Palestinians more than they are required to by treaties. But the Palestinian Authority’s Water Board says that this statement is an outright lie. Palestinians control only 14% of their water and last […]

01 Jan

Israeli settlers uproot trees and destroy natural water spring in northern West Bank

Israeli settlers uprooted trees and destroy natural water spring on Thursday that belongs to the villagers of Qarawit Bani Hassan in northern West Bank. The villagers told local Media that the settlers have destroyed the natural water spring that supplies the village and that its is their only source of […]

28 Oct

Amnesty: “Israel Denying Palestinians Access To Water”

October 28, 2009 9:44 AM Saed Bannoura Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

Amnesty International published a report accusing Israel of denying the Palestinians the right to access water resources, and is carrying discriminatory policies against the Palestinians by denying them access to shared water resources. OSCAILTIMAGE(attachments/oct2009/water_1.jpg 300 0) Image Caption Goes Here Amnesty International published a report accusing Israel of denying the […]

29 May

Israeli Authorities intend to demolish 10 homes, three stores and a water reserve facility

Khalid Al Azza, head of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, member of the Central Committee of the National Struggle Front, stated on Wednesday that the Israeli authorities handed orders to residents of the West Bank districts of Bethlehem and Hebron informing them of intentions to demolish 10 […]

25 Mar

Palestinian Water Experts: Palestinian Territories Approach a Hot Summer of Waste Water Leakages

Palestinian water experts warned on Monday that the Palestinian territories are approaching a hot summer with high risks of water-shortages due to Israeli obstacles and natural dryness. Experts also warned of potential disease spreading due to contamination of underground water aquifers due to waste water leakages. In a press conference […]