Israeli forces invaded the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Saturday morning, abducted five Palestinian men and attacked the house of Palestinian Parliament member.  

Local sources reported that Israeli troops, jeeps and one bulldozer stormed downtown Nablus city and the nearby Beit Ei'n Al Mai refugee camp. They searched houses and abducted Adel Ihmidan, 20, Yassar Ihmidan, 18, Shaje Ihmidan, 20, Sabier Daouwd, 30, and Hamdi Abu Al Rish, 18.

In Beit Ei'n Al Mai refugee camp soldiers also attacked the house of the Palestinian PLC member from Hamas Ahmad Al Haje. Eyewitnesses said that this is the fifth time Israeli troops have attacked Al Haje's house in less than three months in attampts to abduct him. As with the last four attempts, this one was also a failure.    

Army sources reported that troops searched houses and abducted five Fatah activists, and stated that the invading troops were fired at by the local resistance; no injuries among the soldiers were reported.