Israeli forces pushed a large number of soldiers backed with tanks, armored personnel carriers into the Gaza Strip from both northern and southern sides in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

This invasion comes one day after an Israeli air strike killed 15 and wounded over 40 Palestinians who were in a community center that belongs to Hamas in Gaza city as they were working out in ‘Sheikh Ahmad Yassin Playground’ in Al-Shijaeyyeh neighborhood.

Israeli army soruce said its forces are carrying out a wide scale invasion to prevent retaliation attacks by Hamas against Israeli towns outside the northern side of Gaza Strip.

While a large Israeli force invaded the strip from Khan Younis in the south and is moving towards the center, another force invaded it from the north and also moving towards the center, Palestinian sources said.

Israeli radio said, three Qassam rockets have already been fired at troops operating in the Gaza Strip.

The radio also said, two brigades invaded Khan Younis to prevent the Palestinian resistance to fire Qassam rockets at Gosh Qatif settlement bloc. The forces are planning to devide the strip into three parts, the radio added.

On the other hand, Palestinian sources said, Israeli forces opened its machine gun fire at residents in ‘Tal Al-Za’atar’ area near Jabalia refugee camp north of Gaza Strip, yet no injuries were reported.

The Palestinian News Aganecy, WAFA, reported that Israeli F-16 jet fighters and Apaches fired at the students on their way to school this morning in Al-Sikka area and hit a civilian car parked in the area.

According to WAFA, army invaded Beit Hanoun, north of Gaza Strip with around 40 tanks and five bulldozers that destroyed the main water pipe line, phone lines and the power cables and started bulldozing lands north of Beit Hanoun.

As Palestinains burried their dead in Gaza Strip, they woke up on an invasion that could cause more deaths and more funerals for the next days.