The Palestinian Prisoners Society stated that detainee Ahmad Lutfi Dharaghmeh, 34, developed serious infections after sustaining fractions in his left hand during interrogation; boney fractions mixed with his skin causing serious infection.

Dharaghmeh was injured during torture, and did not receive the needed medical treatment which complicated his health condition; Dharaghmeh was interrogated for seven months, his lawyer was only allowed to see him four months after he was arrested.

The society reported that Dharaghmeh, from Tubas, was arrested in 2000, and sentenced to fifteen consecutive years, Dharaghmeh is currently held in Gilboa detention.

Also, Dharaghmeh was arrested in 1991, and sentenced to 18 consecutive months.

The mother of Dharaghmeh said that when he was wanted to the Israeli security, soldiers used to grab her out of her home and force her to call him using the military jeep’s loud speakers, asking him to surrender.

The mother added that when she saw when he was sent to court, he couldn’t walk, and was carried by other detainees, and that sickness was clearly apparent on him.

“His wounds were not healed yet, especially after they took bones from his pelvis and planted them in his hand, his medical needs are neglected which is deteriorating his condition”, the mother said.

Dharaghmeh is one of more than 1000 detainees suffering from bad health conditions in Israeli prisons.