Israeli online daily Haaretz reported on Thursday evening that settlers attacked two Palestinian villages near the northern West Bank city of Nablus and Tulkarem, and burnt two fields in the village of Salem.

Haaretz said that settlers of Yitzhar settlement near Tulkarem deliberately entered Kafer Rumman village, and opened fire at the residents, no injuries.

“The settlers deliberately entered the villages located in ‘Area A’ of the West Bank; army had to deploy large numbers of soldiers, including Special Forces, to evacuate the settlers”, Haaretz said.

Soldiers and Special Forces evacuated the settlers from the two villages; the settlers claimed that they were “celebrating the Israeli independence” and marching against disengagement. 

The settlers also marched towards Sa-Nur and Homesh settlements north of the West Bank; the two settlements are slated for evacuation.

Also on Thursday, 40 Yeshiva students from the Elon Moreh settlement raided the village of Ein Al-Bidan while marching towards Homesh settlement.

22 settlers were detained and transferred to a police station in Ariel settlement, north of the West Bank.

The Israeli police claimed that the identity of settlers’ leaders responsible of these attacks in still unknown, but “public leaders such as rabbi Elyakim Levanon, the Rabbi of Alon Moreh, and Daniella Weiss Qadumim settlement municipality head, did nothing to stop the provocation which endangered the live of settlers and police”, according to the Israeli police,

The army interrogated several settlers charged with setting fire in two Palestinian vehicles in the village of Salem near Nablus.