An Israeli security source reported that the army will resume its assassination policy against Palestinian resistance fighters.

The source stated that Israeli security heads, Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, and defense Minister Shaul Mofaz decided to activate a new strategy, mainly based on assassinations, in fighting resistance groups.

Israel claimed that the decision was made after receiving several warnings that resistance groups are planning to carry bombings in Israel.

“Israel will keep its right to assassinate the ‘tickling bombs’ in the Palestinian territories”, an Israeli security source said.

The decision includes targeting all members of armed factions.

According to the Israeli security source, Israel will mainly target fighters of the Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Also, a senior Israeli military source reported that the army and Israeli intelligence decided to activate the assassination policy in the West Bank, after preparing a list of names of potential targets for assassination or arrest.

Usually, the army prefers to assassinate the activists since it might not involve invasions, unless the arrest will lead to having more information about potential operations or activities. 

Also, the Israeli security believes that Hamas is currently interest in a truce in order to participate in the legislative elections in order to ‘prove its active presence” in the Palestinian territories.