On Wednesday afternoon, the Palestinian Legislative Council rejected a proposal submitted by 25 percent of its members to conduct parliamentary elections totally by proportional representation, a senior Palestinian official told IMEMC.

Former Minister of Justice and member of the legal department of the council, Abdul Kareem Abu Salah, said the council decided that elections will be held on a mixed basis, with two-thirds (88) of the seats chosen on a regional basis and one-third (44) according to proportional representation.

The council members also decided that only registered voters will be allowed to vote in the upcoming elections slated for July 17.

The lawmakers also decided that a member of the  Palestinian Legislative Council wishing to run for elected office may resign at any time before declaring candidacy.  Prior to this change, PLC members were required to resign two months before submitting candidacy applications.

Abu Salah said the council has not discussed the postponement of  elections proposed by the ruling Fatah party.

Local observers report that Fatah wants to delay the elections, fearing an overwhelming victory for the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, especially after its remarkable victory in the first and second rounds of the local-governmental elections held in January and May this year.