Haifa District Court convicted Tuesday Alexander Rabinovitch, 22, from Haifa, of involvement in terror activity against Israeli Arab residents.

Rabinovitch was found guilty of the attempted murder of MK Isaam Makhoul (Hadash).

Rabinovitch was convicted of assisting Eliran Golan, who is also being tried for Makhoul’s attempted murder, in planning bomb attacks on Arab residents of Haifa.

He was found guilty of providing Golan with explosives taken from the Israel army unit in which he served.

Rabinovitch’s sentence will be handed in two months.

Golan is suspected of having placed nine bombs in the Haifa area, with his targets including a mosque, Arab-owned homes and cars, Jews he believed had befriended Arabs, and Golan’s employer at a messenger service.

Some of the bombs exploded, wounding a number of people.

On October 24, 2004, a bomb placed by Golan exploded under Makhoul’s car. Makhoul’s wife, who was driving the car then, escaped unhurt, but the car was partially burned.

Golan’s trial has been postponed over disputes on his mental health.