Palestinian media sources reported that the members of the Palestinian Military Intelligence demonstrated against the Palestinian Authority’s decision to dismantle this unit, and merge it with the National Security Forces.

The demonstrators marched from the PA headquarters through the streets of Gaza city, chanting slogans that express their rejection to the Minister of Interior decision, demanding The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to dismiss him if he does not rescind his decision.

In addition to the MIs, activists from the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Fatah joined the protest. The source said, the protestors broke into the Palestinian Legislative Council building and took it and the Gaza governorate building over. Eyewitnesses said, there was some shooting, however, no injuries were reported.

On the other hand, Ministry of Interior at the Palestinian Authority said it is going on with its plan to reform and restructure the security forces and merge them into three as pledged. A source in the interior ministry condemned Thursday’s demonstration saying that it will leave a negative impact on the Palestinian society.

The PA vowed to follow up and punish those behind this action.