Saturday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded the West Bank city of Hebron and the neighboring village of Yatta, conducted military searches, detained and interrogated dozens of residents. 

A local source in Hebron reported that soldiers installed dozens of military roadblocks on roads and junctions in Hebron and Yatta, and detained dozens of residents for several hours.

Also, soldiers closed a street leading to the Hebron University, al-Hawouz area, and Tareq Bin Ziad junction, in Hebron.  

Soldiers forced dozens of residents to take some of their clothes off, and searched them in a provocative way before releasing them, and detained dozens of high school students for several hours.  

In the village of Yatta, soldiers conducted military searches in dozens of homes overnight and during early morning hours forcing the families out of their homes, damage reported.

The homes which were searched in Yatta belong to Mohammad Abdul-Halim Abu Qbeita, Saber Khalil abu Arram, Nidal Younis abu Arram, Hani Ali abu Qbeita, Rateb Mohammad abu Arram, Taleb Saleh al-Hamamdah, Ali Mahmoud abu Arram, Ahmad Issa, and Mahmoud al-Teenam.