Translated by Ghassan Andoni-IMEMC

In an interview with the Egyptian AlSharq Alawsat newspaper, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas affirmed that a truce agreement was reached with all Palestinian resistance groups, but that he was awaiting Israel’s response.

Abbas denied the existence of any problems with resistance groups. “the truce agreement was reached, they all agree, also us”

“conditions proposed by resistance groups are not easy ones, but are not impossible to achieve. We are having an ingoing dialogue, and I believe that with time and positive developments on the ground, we will be able to overcome all obstacles” Abbas said.

Abbas also described Israeli steps taken in return as a “positive start.”

He also affirmed that Egypt will soon host a round of internal Palestinian talks, praising and asserting the importance of the Egyptian role.

The Palestinian newly elected president denied recent media reports on a crisis between him and Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie.

“There are absolutely no problems between me and Qurei” Abbas said, adding that the delay in forming a new cabinet is a result of the need to run extensive consultations with many different groups.

When asked about the role played by former security affairs minister Mohamed Dahlan, Abbas said that Dahlan’s negotiations with Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz is part of our negotiations at different levels with Israel.

Answering a question on the corruption within the Palestinian authority, Abbas made a reference to the “from where did you Get” law passed by the Palestinian legislative council, saying it will apply to all without an exception. “no one is above law” Abbas added.

Abbas described his scheduled for second week of February meeting with Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon as a “business meeting” to discuss specific issues and future steps, affirming that he is not interested in a mere public relations meeting.

When asked about whether he thinks that the proposal of unilaterally declaring an independent Palestinian State in response to Sharon’s unilateral moves was a good idea, Abbas said that such a step will come at the end of diplomatic negotiations.

“We are committed to the road map plan, which calls for establishing a Palestinian state. We are ready, and we hope that the other side is also ready” Abbas said.

Abbas also denied that his Fatah movement suffers from serious conflicts and power struggles, saying that he believes that the movement national conference will reform and reunite the movement and provide solutions to all existing problems”