Monday morning, Israeli military bulldozers uprooted dozens of trees in Shoufa village, south to Avny Hefetz settlement, near the West Bank city of Tulkarem.

A local source in the village reported that two military bulldozers uprooted farmlands planted mainly with Olive trees in Khallit al-Sheikh area in order to install a fence and expand the settlement; the farmlands belong to Hannoun family.

Suheil al-Salman, head of the National Committee Against the Separation Wall, said that soldiers are annexing Palestinian farmlands in order to expand settlements and construct the Wall directly violating the international resolutions and the advisory decision of the International Court of Justice which considered the Wall illegal.

Al-Salman added that the Committee and its advocate will challenge the annexation orders through the Israeli and International courts.

Tahseen Hamid member of the Committee of Land Defense in Shoufa said that ‘the Sharon government is trying to win the support of West Bank settlers by giving them more land annexed from the Palestinians”.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli authorities annexed on April 2005, more than 6000 Dunams from Shoufa, Kafr al-Lubbad, Beit Leed, Safareen and Rameen, in order to expand Ennab and Avny Hefetz settlements, and install a wall around them.