Palestinian officials at the Gaza Municipal council said on Monday that the council has signed an agreement to launch a campaign to renovate the Gaza Coast in with the Association for Rural Development, (ARD) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The campaign includes cleaning the coast make it usable since it is the only resort for the Gaza Strip residents who live in a tightly sealed area.  Additionally the coast is the main source of tourist attraction to the Strip.

Dr. Majed Abu Radwan, official at the municipality said that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas managed to receive pledges for funds during his latest visit to Japan.  The Japanese government will donate USD 100 million for tourism development projects.

According to Abu Radwan, if this project and other tourism projects are accomplished, the Gaza beach will become one of the most important beaches in the area for its special features.  Developing this 45 kilometer (30 miles) coast will support the tourism sector and revive the deteriorating Gazan economy.