Residents of Huwwara village, near the West Bank city of Nablus, complained of escalating attacks carried out by the settlers against them and their farmlands.

Muwaffaq Odeh, a resident of the village, said settlers attacked him while he was running away from a group that had insulted and attempted to attack him and others residents working in their farmlands.

“Apparently they are emptying their anger on us – they want to do anything they can against pullout,” Odeh said. “They  they insult and threaten us, and repeatedly attack and destroy our orchards”. 

Resident Minwir abu Zaher said that he and other farmers were not able to pick the almonds from their trees as a result of the repeated settler attacks against them.

Settlers also fired at and burnt dozens of trees in Oref village, near Nablus.

Settlers of Yitzhar settlement have repeatedly annexed Palestinian lands to the settlement since it was constructed, and the army has failed to stop them. The settlers have installed new caravans and taken control of more land by installing new settlement outposts in the area.