Several Arab leaders in Israel hinted that Israeli security officials were aware of the terrorist plan to target residents of Shfa-Amr, but failed to act against it in spite of information they received.

Earlier Saturday, the Higher Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee met in Nazareth in order to discuss appropriate responses to Thursday’s terrorist shooting.

The leaders met for three hours and decided to conduct a protest next week; the protest will be attended by representatives of the Arab sector in Israel.

Also, the committee decided that Arab members of the Knesset will meet next week in order to draft a document outlining the demands of the Arab sector.

This document will be also presented to representatives of the United Nation in Israel.

The committee also called on the Israeli government to probe the killing of the terrorist who carried the shooting out. Eden Natan-Zada was killed by the angry crowd after carrying his crime.

Arab member of Knesset Mohammed Barakeh, Hadash-Ta’al party Chairman, said that the residents of Shfa-Amr who killed the soldier had to do so in order to prevent him from killing more innocent people.

The meeting of the committee was opened with a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack, and then was followed by a speech presented by the committee’s chairman, Shawki al-Khatib.

Al-Khateeb said that the Arab public can defend itself and will not stand idle before “those who continue to kill our children”.

MK Isam Makhoul, from the Hadash-Ta’al party, demanded Israel to “dismantle the terrorist infrastructure of the Israeli-Far right”, and collect all illegal arms from the settlers.

Also, Israeli Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz said on Saturday that he will suggest establishing a governmental panel, headed by a judge to probe the circumstances of the attack, and prevent similar attacks.