Israeli Defence Minister, Shaul Mofaz, said on Saturday that the Israeli military establishment would consider placing right-wing activists in administrative detention without trial, which is a move he said that he apposes in principle.

Mofaz said that any individual whom the Israeli Security Services “Shin Bet” recommend putting him behind bars, he would consider putting him in detention without trial.

“We will take action, we will arrest any person whom the Shin Bet recommends putting him behind bars”, Mofaz said, “We will place them in jail without trial”. 


The statement of Mofaz came while he was commenting on Thursdays Sfa-Amr attack, during an interview on the Israeli Channel 2 “Meet the Press” program.

Mofaz said that he cannot put an exact number of people who could be placed in administrative detention, “since it depends on intelligence information and reports”..

Also, Mofaz criticized Israeli right-wing leaders who incite violence, and linked such incitement with the terrorist attack which took place in Shfa-Amr, in which a Jewish Israeli soldier staged on a bus heading to the Arab Israeli town of Shfa-Amr and opened fire at the passenger killing four residents, including two sisters.