In bid to coordinate security activities prior to and during the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip and the four minor northern West Bank settlements, a joint Palestinian-Israeli operations room will start operating on Thursday, Palestinian security sources reported.

This room is one of the results of the meeting between Palestinian and Israeli security officials held Wednesday in the northern Gaza Strip, the sources said.

The joint crew will follow up on execution of the disengagement plan, including the deployment of Palestinian security forces around the settlements as the Israel Army pulls out.

Palestinian officials expressed satisfaction for the level of security coordination.  The Palestinian Authority pledged to ensure a calm withdrawal.

The source added that further security meetings are planned before and during the pullout, which is slated to start in four days

General Salman Helles, chief of the Palestinian national security forces, and Major General Aviv Kokhavi, Israeli army commander of the Gaza Strip, are also set to meet on Thursday, Palestinian officials said.

The Palestinian side had previously complained about  the lack of coordination on other issues related to the pullout, accusing Israel of focusing only on receiving Palestinian pledges to enforce calm during the pullout.

Recently, Israelis and Palestinians reached an agreement to demolish the settlers’ houses after the pullout and to burry the rubble in the Sinai.  The operation will be sponsored by the World Bank. Toxic material will be handled by Israel.