Jordanian detainee Sultan al-Ajlouny, who was arrested 23 years ago, appealed the Jordanian government and parliament and the Jordanian media in order to intensify their efforts in order to end the suffering of Jordanian detainees in Israeli prisons, and release them.

“47 Jordanian detainees in Israeli prisons are suffering very harsh living conditions” al-Ajlouny said, “They have the right to be released, as the Lebanese detainees were released, Jordan and Israel signed a peace deal which includes the release of the Jordanian detainees, but we remained in detention”.

Al-Ajlouny added that the Israeli soldiers are conducting repeated violations against them, and repeatedly broke into their rooms in order to search them.

The issue of the Jordanian detainees in Israeli detention facilities remains one of the “forgotten” cases which leave the detainees subjected to daily humiliations and abuse.

In a separate incident, lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Fahmi al-Oweywi, reported that Israeli policemen in al-Maskobiyya detention facility attacked detainee Ramzi Jihad al-Khateeb, 24 from Hebron. 

Ramzi was arrested on 10/7/2005, and was confined to solitary since then; recently three Israeli policemen attacked him after breaking into his cell, kicked and punched him in addition to hitting him with iron chains to several parts of his body, then dragged him while his hand were cuffed for a distance of 100 meters before placing him in a small room where he was attacked again by a security officer.

Also, detainees confined to solitary in Be’er Shiva detention facility sent a letter to the Palestinian Prisoners Society complaining that Israeli detainees held for criminals charges, attacked them with boil oil, in addition to attacking several detainees in their rooms.

Several detainees were confined to solitary more than four years ago, which directly affected their physical and mental health.