Israeli soldiers arrested, on Tuesday morning, three leaders of the Yesha Council of settlements, among nearly 500 right-wing activists while trying to infiltrate into the Gush Katif settlements Bloc via the Kissufim Crossing.

The three leaders, identified as Pinchas Wallerstein, Zviki Bar-Hai and Ze’ev Hever, were arrested near the Be’eri Junction while trying to cross through an agricultural land, near the Kissufim crossing in an attempt to infiltrate into the settlement.  

Meanwhile, the Yesha Council said that hundreds of pullout foes managed recently to infiltrate into Gush Katif, and that thousands took part in a protest against disengagement in the Western Negev area. 

The Israeli police said that more than a thousand participated at the protest, leaving groups of pullout foes in different settlements in the south. 400 of the protestors came from Netivot settlement, 400 from Ofakim, 90 from Dimona, and 200 from Moshav Ohad.  

Also, the police added that dozens of settler teenagers were among the arrested setters, and that 60 settlers were arrested while attempting to block Be’eri junction in the western Negev before midnight

73 settlers were released after investigation, dozens are still awaiting investigation in a special detention facility in Be’er Sheva, while others refused to identify themselves or sign a commitment not to come near the area, an Israeli police source stated.

One of the settlers’ leaders said that the attempts to block the Kissufim road and other roads in the area will continue during the evacuation process.