A medical source in Hebron reported that soldiers attacked and clubbed three brothers, in Hebron, south of the West Bank, after breaking into their home, and detained them.

The source stated that the brothers, Jihad, 17, Bashar, 19, and Mojed Zeid Robeen Al Ja’bary, 20 years old, were badly beaten by the soldiers after breaking into their home in Al Ja’bary neighborhood, near Keryat Arba’ settlement in the city.

Mohammad Robeen Al Ja’bary, the uncle of the three brothers, said that at least six soldiers broke into their home, detained the whole family at a small yard near their home, and violently attacked and clubbed the three brothers using their weapons and batons.

An Israeli military source reported that the soldiers who broke into the home did not comply with an order of a superior officer who instructed them to leave the home.

The source added that nearly 40 soldiers entered the home later on and evacuated the soldiers who broke into it and attacked the three brothers.

The three brothers were detained and interrogated for several hours at Keryat Arba’ settlement, in the city, before they were released.

Residents of Al Ja’bary neighborhood in Hebron said that the six soldiers who attacked the home, carried recently several attacks against Palestinian homes in the area, and assaulted dozens of residents.