Mosheer Al Masry, Hamas media spokesperson, said on Sunday that the Palestinian Authority did not achieve anything for the Palestinians, while the resistance managed to force Israel to evacuate from the Gaza Strip.

Al Masry added that the Palestinian officials are voicing “meaningless” calls to the Palestinian factions to join the P.A.

“The Palestinians are used to such calls, deceptive calls,” Al Masry said. “We in Hamas believe that only resistance can stop the military aggression, while P.A weapons were not able even to provide the residents with the needed security.”

Al Masry described as irresponsible statements by the P.A describing P.A arms as the only legitimate weapons in the Palestinian territories. He said, “such statements harm the weapons which removed the occupation from Gaza.”

“Negotiations with Israel continued for 10 years, but did not achieve anything,” Al Masry stated. “But five years of resistance and sacrifices managed to make the occupation evacuate from Gaza, which is the first step towards liberation.”

Commenting on the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections, Al Masry said that the Palestinian people have chosen resistance and “they will choose resistance in the elections too.”

“Resistance is a strategy not only used by the Islamic Jihad, it is a strategy chosen and used by the people,” Al Masry said. “It is not a strategy of one separate faction.” 

Also, Al Masry said that Hamas intends to open up to the world, and to establish relations with countries.  It will not, however, establish relations with Israel, because it occupies land and attacks Palestinian residents.

Al Masry also said that Hamas is optimistic that the Palestinians will widely support the resistance and counter corruption, adding that the movement believes in political partnership in decision making and constructing the basis of the Palestinian state.

“Representatives of Hamas met with president Abbas, as part of the meetings between the Palestinian factions,” Al Masry stated. “But, we believe that postponing the election date is unexplained and severs the interests of certain factions and disregards the national interests of the Palestinian people”.

“So far, the world is treating us and the Palestinian cause unfairly.  The American administration is biased with Israel, and represents it in every position,” Al Masry said. “We are ready to talk and initiate dialogue, but we need to feel that the policies and prejudices concerning the conflict are changed.”