Israeli soldiers fired on Friday gas bombs and concussion grenades at dozens of residents, and International peace activists, before they even started their weekly peaceful protest in Bil’in village, near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Jonathan Polak, head of the ‘Anarchists Against the Wall’ movement reported that a large military force invaded the village after the residents conducted Friday noon prayers at the village’s mosque, and fired at least two gas bombs and on concussion grenade at the mosque.

“I saw the soldiers firing two tear gas bombs, and one stun grenades into the mosque”, Polak said, “The protestors did not throw stones, did not attack the army, until soldiers started using their weapons”. 

Israeli military officials denied the report.

The army invaded the village, directly after Friday prayers were concluded, one hour before the planned time of the protest.

Three peace activists were arrested in the village.

A local source in the village said that several residents hurled stones at the soldiers after the army attacked them and opened fire at the protestors; four activists were injured.

An Israeli army source reported that soldiers placed curfew on the village.

Residents and peace activists conduct weekly protests against the Wall near the construction site outside of the village, this week the Israeli army invaded the village and attacked the residents even before starting their protest.