At least 3000 Palestinian children took part in a huge protest in memoriam to Mohammad Dorra, 13, who was killed by the Israeli army at the beginning of Al Aqsa Intifada in 2000.

Al Dorra was repeatedly shot while in his fathers’ arms, while they both tried to use a huge concrete block as a refuge from the Israeli army bullets.

The children carried Palestinian and black flags, chanted slogans against the Israeli occupation, and parsing other children and infants killed by the army, such as Iman Hajjo, a Fares Odeh.

“Israel must stop its terrorism against us”, a Palestinian child said, “We, the children of Palestine, want to tell the world the Israel killed the Peace and our childhood, they burnt our toys and dreams”.

The child who took the stage representing the rest of the children said, “What guilt did Mohammad Al Dorra do? What guilt did the infant Iman Hajjo do while she still did not utter her first word?”.

The children demanded the world to “listen to the cries of the Palestinian children”, in order to know their suffering under the Israeli occupation, and demanded world leaders to take a better stance and stop the continuous Israeli escalation.

Meanwhile, Khaled Al Batsh, one of the political leaders if the Islamic Jihad, said that his movement called for the procession, in memoriam Al Dorra and Fares, and every Palestinian child who was shot and killed by the occupation.

“The children came here to send a message to the whole world”, Al Batsh said, “They want to tell the world that they can’t sleep or enjoy their childhood, while the Israeli army is shelling their homes, schools, and playgrounds”.

The father of Al Dorra said that his child was killed in a cold blooded murder, and called on the Palestinian factions to continue their resistance until liberating the Palestinian lands.

Also, the mother of Fares Odeh, who stood in front of the tank, “and challenged it with a stone”, called on the world to stop the Israeli aggression against the elderly, women and children, and to help the Palestinians achieve their independence.