Hamas officials denied on Tuesday that Hamas had admitted responsibility for what was described as “mysterious explosion” in Jabalia Refugee Camp one month ago, where 22 Palestinians were killed, and dozens were injured.

Ismail Haniyya, one of the prominent leaders of the movement, said in a Gaza mosque of Tuesday that the movement did not have anything to do with the explosion, or what was published by the ministry interior. “This is totally untrue”, he added.

On Monday at night, The Palestinian Ministry of Interior and National Security reported that Hamas movement admitted to it’s responsibly for the Jabalia explosion.

The ministry stated that extensive investigations carried out by the movement among its members revealed that the movement was directly responsible for the explosion, and that it will “compensate” the families of the killed and injured residents.

Hamas leader, Mushier Al Masri called on the interior ministry to stop what he described as “spreading rumors” about the movement, and accused it of leading the people into civil war.

Also on Tuesday, a prominent source in Hamas reported that Palestinian security men arrested overnight the brother of Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas’ spokesperson.

Yousef Abu Zuhri, 34, was detained while walking in Gaza, and transferred to a prison, north of the city.