At least 240 members of ruling Fatah party in Rafah area in the Gaza Strip, announced collective resignation from the movement as a protest of what they called Fatah’s weakness.

The signatories said in their letter that they had spent the last ten years trying to promote the movement to be its best, “and spent the last five years of the Intifada sacrificing our men in order to make Fatah better.”

‘After all these sacrifices,’ the letter continued, “We have seen that the different armed wings of Fatah are only busy with personal interests and benefits.”

“But we were shocked to see several military wings employing their members in the Palestinian security devices without paying attention to role of the members in Abu Yousef Al Najjar area in Khan Younis”, the resignation letter reads, “Several figures are acting in order to achieve personal gains which directly affected the movement and its position among the residents”.

The resigned members said that this is the first step which will be followed by a series of protests against members and figures who are using the movement and its resources for their personal interests.