After the Netanya suicide bombing on Monday, Israeli officials blamed the Palestinian Authority, and its president Mahmoud Abbas, and claimed that he is not conducting enough efforts to dismantle the resistance factions, and to stop attacks against Israel.

The officials said that Israel would take “any necessary action” in order to protect its population.
Five Israelis were killed and fifty others were injured in the bombing which was carried out by a bomber from the Islamic Jihad movement, an Israeli source reported.
The bomber detonated the explosives he had in his bag, at the entrance of Hasharon Mall in the coastal Israeli town of Netanya.
Ra’anan Gissin, one of Sharon’s senior advisors, claimed after the bombing that the Palestinian Authority is not taking any actions against the armed factions, and called on it “to take the needed action against the armed groups”.
Gissin charged that the Palestinian Authority is busy in preparations for the legislative elections, and is not “fulfilling its obligations”. 
“We feel free to take whatever action necessary to protect our citizens, including targeting killings of those who perpetrate those actions” Gissin said, “If they are not brought to justice, we will bring justice to them”.
David Baker, an official in Sharon’s Office, charged that the bombing was the direct outcome of the Palestinian Authority’s failure to dismantle “the terrorist organizations”, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.
He added that the P.A refuses to take the needed measures to prevent these attacks, including dismantling the armed groups.  
Labor Party chairman, Amir Peretz condemned the bombing and called for what he described as “uncompromising war on terrorism”, which he said was the enemy of peace, democracy and the Israeli society.
Peretz also invited members of Knesset Danny Yatom, Ephraim Sneh and Benjamin Ben-Eliezer for security consultations in light of the bombing, Israel Radio reported. Ami Ayalon, and Ehud Barak also attended the meeting, Haaretz added.
Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom claimed that the bombing “is an additional proof that the Palestinian Authority is not conducting the needed steps to counter terrorism”.
Arab member of Knesset, Hadash Party chairman, Mohammed Barakeh, condemned the bombing saying that it is directed against civilians, and the peace process.
The bombing was denounced by the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and several P.A figures, including chief negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat, and the official spokesperson of the president, Nabil Abu Rodeina.
Abbas also ordered the arrest of those involved in the bombing, and said that the P.A “will not go easy on whoever is found to be behind it”.
The United Kingdom, as Presidency of the European Union, on Monday condemned the suicide bombing.