The Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh slammed statements released by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior which called on the Palestinian factions to remain committed to the truce adding, that it will “continue to defend the Palestinian people and resistance”.

The brigades slammed the arrests carried by the Palestinian security devices against members of the resistance especially fighters of the Islamic Jihad, which claimed responsibility from for the Netanya suicide bombing.
“This truce is ending, especially after Israel resumed its assassination policy”, the brigades said.
The Palestinian Ministry of Interior called on all Palestinian factions to remain committed to the truce, and the Cairo talks, confirming that its security devices will implement the law.  
“No Palestinian faction has the right to violate the truce, or deviate from the national agenda”, the statement reads, “The truce came a result of internal talks and agreements between the Palestinian factions”.  
Also, the ministry added that the commitment to the truce and the Cairo agreements do not coexist with the military operation and the firing of homemade shells.
The ministry added that any violation to the truce will negatively affect the Palestinian people and interests, and that it is the duty of the Palestinian Authority (P.A) to stop these violations and take the needed procedures.
Also, the ministry added that the arrests it carried against some Palestinian activists are not political arrests, since these arrests were carried out after the activists planned and conducted several military operations which directly violates internal agreements between the factions, and the direct orders of the P.A.