The Israeli Prosecution informed the High Court that settlers, who occupied homes and stores in the Old City of Hebron, will be evacuated within two months.

The Israeli Radio reported that 15 settler families occupied, four years ago, homes and stores which belong to the Palestinian residents in the Hebron market, and installed an illegal settlement outpost there.
The army did nothing to evacuate them, but instead, soldiers barred the Palestinian merchants from reaching or opening their stores.
Clashes were continuously reported between the owners of the stores and homes, and the settlers who occupied the buildings.
Several Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations issued dozens of reports over the past four years, and documented the settlers’ attacks and violations, in addition to documenting the idleness of the Israeli army regarding this issue.  
The evacuation decision comes four years after the Hebron Municipality filed an appeal to the Israeli High Court of Justice.
The prosecution said that it will head, in the coming days, to Hebron and ask the Settlers Committee in Hebron to evacuate the occupied buildings.
Also, the prosecution added that after the settlers are evacuated, it will discuss a request by the Settlers Committee to rent the homes and shops there from the Palestinian owners.
The prosecution repeatedly informed the High Court that it intends to evacuate the settlers, but claimed that it waits a governmental order.