A Palestinian security source reported, on Wednesday afternoon, that unknown gunmen abducted three British Citizens as they crossed the Rafah Border Crossing into the Gaza strip.

Palestinian Policemen spotted the vehicle of the abductors heading north; a pursuit was underway, a police source reported.
Meanwhile, a representative of the European Union force present at the Rafah border crossing said that he is unaware of the incident.
Also, a Palestinian police source reported that a woman, who worked with a local human rights group, is among the abductees.
No Palestinian faction claimed responsibility for the abduction.
The abduction is an additional challenge to efforts the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is conducting to establish order in the Gaza Strip.
Spokesman of the British consulate general in Jerusalem, Frank McGinley, said that the embassy is investigating the incident, but gave no further details.
A similar abduction was carried out last week when a group which belongs to the Popular Resistance Committees abducted two foreign teacher while on their way to a private American School in Gaza; the teachers were released unharmed shortly after thy were abducted.
The Committee demanded the release of leaders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; accused of assassinating the Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Ze’evi in 2001, one of the prisoners is Ahmad Saadat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).
The abductions were also carried in many cases by gunmen who were seeking employment in the P.A forces; in other cases the kidnappers demanded the release of certain fighters or leaders, from Palestinian prisons.
Meanwhile, critics of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, accused him of giving in to kidnappers’ demands, thereby encouraging more abductions.