In a meeting with representatives of several factions in his office in the Saraya neighborhood of Gaza City last night, minister of interior and national security Nasser Yousef said his ministry and security services were exerting tremendous efforts to prepare sufficiently for making the elections a success on their scheduled date.

Yousef said this was the plan in spite of the current security circumstances in the West Bank and Gaza.
Yousef stressed on the need to impose control, agreed upon between the factions and the Palestinian Authority, which stipulates collecting weapons in certain areas and finding ways to deal with the issue of bodyguards of certain leadership figures in all the factions.
The possibility of providing police protection for them was posed during the meeting so as to ban the show of arms and armed men during the campaigning period and on election days.
 This, he said, would help to combat any use of arms for reasons of sabotage during this period.
During the meeting, the attendees agreed to form a factional committees group to help in controlling the situation on election day through a central coordination committee, which will be considered in constant session.