On Saturday, Israeli soldiers installed a new checkpoint on the road to Aboud village, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, and deployed in the surrounding fields in an attempt to prevent international and Israeli peace activists from joining the peaceful procession against the the Separation Wall.

One hundred and fifty villagers, along with dozens of Israeli and international activists who managed to access the village, marched towards a new construction site off the wall near an archeological site close to the village.
The Israeli army and the private security managed to block the demonstrators 100 meters from the construction site where heavy machinery was being used to dig up the hillside.
The protestors held a sit-down protest in front of the soldiers and managed to halt the construction.
A group of soldiers bypassed the front line of the protestors and prevented most of them from joining the group near the construction site.
Soldiers also fired tear gas and sound bombs and attempted to arrest one member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Aboud.
The Wall near Aboud has already been completed on the Green Line; 6 kilometers west of the village, and now an additional fence on Aboud land close to the village will wrap the Bet Arye and Ofarim settlements.
The two settlements were constructed in the eighties on Aboud’s orchards, and annexed huge areas planted with Olive trees to Israel.