The Israeli ministerial council decided, following the Tel Aviv Thursday bombing, to continue its arrest campaign, and conduct assassinations against fighters in the West Bank, especially against fighters of the Islamic Jihad.

The acting Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said that he will not carry acts which could obstruct the Palestinian Legislative elections, and informed the ministerial cabinet, after holding a meeting with senior security officials, that he will not carry major changes to the current operations.
He said that soldiers will continue their arrest invasions, and assassinations against fighters of the Islamic Jihad, especially in Nablus and other areas in the north of the West Bank. 
Also, Mofaz accused Iran of funding Thursday’s suicide bombing which took place near the old central bus station in Tel Aviv, 31 Israelis were wounded.
Mofaz also charged Islamic Jihad headquarters in Damascus with ordering the bombing.
According to Mofaz, the defense establishment has "decisive proof that the attack in Tel Aviv was a direct result of the Axis of Terror that operates between Iran and Syria".
"Iran supplied the money", he said, "Islamic Jihad headquarters in Damascus directed the organization’s operatives in Nablus, giving operational orders and instructions".
Mofaz hinted that the bombing took place while the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in Damascus meeting with Syrian President Bashar Asad.
"They were having a terror summit", Mofaz said, "After the meeting, they held a press conference and issued a statement in support for Palestinian terror".