Fateh movement announced on Wednesday afternoon that it "tentatively” agrees to participate in the Hamas government, with Ismail Haniyya as the Prime Minister.Azzam, Al Ahmad, head of the Fateh bloc in Palestinian Legislative Council, PLC, said that Fateh has been seriously discussing this issue but did not accept or reject the offer.

Al Ahmad added that in case there was an agreement of the political program of the coming government, the movement will be leaning towards joining Hamas.

The formation of a new government with Fateh, and other factions, is still facing challenges especially after Hamas declared its disagreement with the speech of president Abbas at the opening session of Palestinian Legislative Council on February 18.

Also, Hamas spokesperson, Mahmoud Al Zahhar, said on Wednesday that the meeting between Hamas and Fateh was only to study the idea of joint government.

Al Zahhar added that Fateh only intends to participate in the government if an action plan was reached.

“The two movements do not have specific disagreements, but there are differences in understanding the mechanisms”, Al Zahhar stated, “We in Hamas intend to meet with all Palestinian factions, the first meeting took place with Fateh”.