At Jet checkpoint (East of Qalqilia), Israeli soldiers attacked a Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance and prevented the crew from crossing the checkpoint, according to local sources.

Israeli soldiers beat one of the emergency medical personnel and prevented the ambulance from crossing the check point, delaying the medical team for more than half an hour. The ambulance was finally allowed to pass following coordination from the International Red Cross.

The Israeli soldiers had closed Jet checkpoint early in the morning, preventing the movement of Palestinian vehicles and ambulances. This closure prevented cancer and thalesemia patients from being transported to hospitals in Nablus for treatment.

This checkpoint separates Qalqilia from Nablus, two of the most heavily populated cities in the Northern West Bank.  Qalqilia is completely surrounded by the Israeli Annexation Wall, but has no specialized medical centers within the city.  So citizens of Qalqilia who need specialized treatment need to pass through Israeli checkpoints in order to reach hospitals in Nablus.