The Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz on Monday reported an alleged plan by the Islamic Jihad organization in Palestine to assassinate the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
Two weeks ago the British Sunday Times published information accusing Hamas’ Al Qassam Brigades of the same thing.

The organization completely dismissed the allegations saying the information is baseless.

“This Zionist allegation is unfounded and is aimed at creating a state of confusion in the Palestinian street.”

The statement by the Islamic Jihad added that the relationship between President Abbas and that of Islamic Jihad is one of mutual respect, sharing a common goal to end the occupation and rid the Palestinian lands of settlers.

The Haaretz report created uproar among Palestinians saying that it is meant to create chaos in the street at a time the Palestinians are going through a tough financial crisis accompanied with disagreements and tension between the Presidential Establishment and the Government reflected from the dispute and tension between Fatah and Hamas.