One Hamas operative was killed and a Palestinian security official was injured in clashes between Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip erupted Wednesday morning, Palestinian sources reported.
The sources said, that Salah Al-Astal, member of al Qassam brigade, the armed wing of Hamas, was killed and the head of Preventive security in Khan Younis was injured after being shot with live ammunition during clashes between the executive troops controlled by the Ministry of Interior and the Fateh –Led Preventive security force in the west of the city.
Local witnesses reported that the incident occurred after a vehicle carrying executive troops clashed with the head of the Preventative Security force’s vehicle. Al-Astal died from head injuries while the head of the preventive security and a bystander were injured.
Members of Hamas held the preventive security the responsible for the killing of Al Astal.
The death of Al-Astal come hours after the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Ismael Haniya declared that the national dialogue will resume for one week to reach an agreement over the national conciliation document hammered by the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, which carries an implicit recognition of Israel.