An Israeli military source reported on Thursday that soldiers arrested three Palestinians who to attempted to abduct two settler teen girls at the Rechalim Junction, near the West Bank city of Nablus, on Thursday.

The source added that soldiers and police officers searched the area, and arrested the three would-be abductors, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

According to military sources, the three armed Palestinians pulled up to a hitchhiking station near the settlement of Rechalim, where the two young women were standing, exited the vehicle and attempted to force one of the women, identified as Amona Shahar, into the vehicle.

The sources added that Shahar fought back, suffered a light head injury and fled the scene. The other girl waiting at the hitchhiking post ran away and called the army using her cellular phone.

The three, apparently residents of Jenin according to army sources, were arrested near the Shilo Junction and transferred to for questioning.

An Israeli army official said that it repeatedly warned the Israelis not to hitchhike in the West Bank, “But we cannot enforce this,” he added.