Holy Land Trust, a non-profit organization based in Bethlehem, celebrated the conclusion of their training program entitled “The Role of Public Action in Conflict Resolution” Thursday in Jenin.

The program was held at the headquarters of the General Union of Palestinian Women in Jenin and was funded by the European Union and several Quaker organizations.  

The program, which was organized by the organization’s executive director, Sami Awad, was attended by many women business executives as well as participants from the community.

Awad noted that the session was part of a comprehensive training program aimed at strengthening the role of citizens in the political process.  The program, which Awad hopes to bring to several districts within the West Bank, seeks to educate the public on issues important to the Palestinian conflict, as well as ways to initiate and implement nonviolent negotiations on these issues.

Attorney Taraji Abu Shawareb thanked both Holy Land Trust for organizing such a program, and the program’s participants for their desire to provide the ingredients for a successful Palestinian nonviolent resistance.

Participants in the program expressed their graditude toward Holy Land Trust and requested that the organization plan a follow-up course that would give participants more experience in the field of nonviolent resistance and conflict resolution.