Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that Palestinian detainees in Al Maskobiyya Israeli Prison in Jerusalem are facing bad treatment, torture and are suffering from deteriorating mental and health condition as a result of torture and abuse during interrogation.

Detainee Jamil Hasan Mizhir, 20, from the West Bank city of Ramallah, stated that he was tortured during interrogation and was kicked and punched by the soldiers on various parts of his body. Also, one of the soldiers was continuously sticking Mizhir with a tip of a bullet on his back causing cuts to his skin.

Also, the soldiers used the laser lights they have on their gun as a method of torture by repeatedly pointing it at the eyes of Mizhir.

Mizhir was also tied to a chair for several hours, and then was forced to stand with his legs spread and hand up for an additional period of time. He was also confined to solitary for five days.

Detainee Ra’ed Ayid Al Aroury, 23, from Ramallah, was hit and punched when arrested by the under-cover units of the Israeli army, then they forced him on the ground and attacked him again.

The under-covered forces were using a Palestinian pickup truck pretending to sell vegetables.

When transferred to Al Maskobiyya, Al Aroury was tied to a chair from morning and evening hours for ten days, and then he was confined to solitary for additional eight days.  

Detainees Amert Ziad Mohammad, 21, and Mohammad Abdul-Karim Hjeiji, 19, both from Ramallah, were tortured and confined to solitary for five days.

Also, detainee Mohammad Daoud Labai’a, 26 from Bethlehem, was tortured and confined to solitary for two days. All of the above mentioned detainees were also tied to chairs for several hours during interrogation.

Prison Authorities also barred lawyers of the PPS from visiting detainees Amjad Ratib Jabareen, Fuad Mohammad Shreitih, and Mohammad Awad Housah, all from Ramallah, and detainee Nidal Ibrahim Salahat, from Nablus.

A report released by the PPS held the Israeli Prison Authorities responsible for the deteriorating conditions of the detainees, and the direct violations of their rights in Al Maskobiyya interrogation facility which the PPS described as “a slaughterhouse”.