General strike was declared in all governmental organizations and ministries on Thursday by the invitation of the committee of the employees of the governmental sector in the West Bank and Gaza Strip demanding the payment of the overdue salaries and in protest of the PLC decision to delay the discussion of the overdue salaries issue.

Head of the general union of the governmental employees in the Gaza Strip, Aref Abu Jarad, affirmed that this strike aimed to protest the delay of discussing the issue of the overdue salaries by the PLC until further notice and has nothing to do with politics, Abu Jarad added that the union of the governmental employees does not belong to any of the factions since it is formed of all the Palestinian factions including Hamas with a social demands agenda and not a political one.

Abu Jarad demanded to know the ways the money that was transferred earlier to the Palestinian territories were spent.

Abu Jarad rejected delivering bonuses to the workers saying that it aimed at keeping the workers silent. He also rejected dividing the workers which is considered to be whole one part.