Three Palestinian resistance factions that carried out the Kerem Shalom Crossing attack earlier on Sunday reported that their gunmen did not abduct any Israeli soldier during the attack.
Three Palestinian resistance fighters and two Israeli were killed in an attack launched by Palestinian resistance early Sunday morning at the Israeli military post of Kerem Shalom in the southern Gaza Strip.

After the attack, one Israeli soldier was reportedly captured by the resistance and five others were wounded, both Palestinian and Israeli sources reported.

Abu Mojahed, media spokesperson of the Salah Ed Deen Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), said that the group did not abduct any soldier. The PRC is one of the groups that carried out the attack.

Abu Mojahed added that Israel will commit a “stupid mistake” if it carries out any ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, adding that soldiers will “find new surprises in the Gaza Strip” if they consider invading it.

He confirmed that the three groups that carried the attack, the Al-Qassm brigades, the armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) and a newlyformed group which called itself the Islamic Army did not abduct any soldier.

He added that the Israeli intelligence reports are mistaken and that Israel should “start searching for the missing soldier elsewhere”.