Israeli troops stationed at the Gaza borders were seen moving towards the Gaza Strip late on Tuesday at night shortly before two air strikes that targeted the main power-plant in Gaza. The army also fired missile at two bridges in the central Gaza Strip shortly before midnight Tuesday.

Palestinian sources in the southern part of the Gaza Strip reported that Israeli tanks started moving into the area late on Tuesday but the army did not cross the border yet.

Most of the military movements were seen near the Sufa Crossing, while planes and helicopters were also circling overhead.

Tuesday after midnight, the Palestinian Television showed live images of Israeli troops, tanks, and armored vehicles moving in an area east of Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.  

An Israeli military spokesperson said that bridges were targeted to limit the movement of resistance fighters and minimize the chances of transferring the abducted soldier, Gilad Shalit, from one side of the Gaza Strip to another.

The Israeli army prepared what was described as a “small city” near the Gaza border, numerous tanks, Anti Personnel Carries and heavy equipment were stationed there.

Meanwhile, Palestinian fighters placed large piles of rubble and sand in the middle of the roads in an attempt to delay the army while advancing into the area.

Abu Obediah, media spokesperson of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said that the fighters have prepared “several surprises for the Israeli army if they consider invading Gaza”.