The following is a translation of an official Israeli Government Notice published in Hebrew in Haaretz on July 9, 2006 describing  a 32% increase in subsidies for Israeli industry that are willing to relocate to the Occupied West Bank and employing only Israeli citizens.

Industry, Commerce and Employment Department (Office)


The Department of Industry, Commerce and Employment (referred to as ‘The ‘Department’) is interested in acquiring data on enterprises, defined by the 2005 Disengagement Implementation Law (referred to as ‘The Law’) that are ‘industrial enterprises’ under the 1959 Capital Investment Encouragement Law (referred to as ‘business’) except agricultural enterprises, that have been in the past in the Disengagement Area (defined under the Law) and that have been transferred to, or are interesting in transferring their activities to industrial areas in Judea and Samaria (referred to as ‘The Area’).

The object of this announcement is to examine possibilities of an increase of 32% in the range of subsidies of investments by enterprise owners in their new enterprises, over and above the compensation and grant given to them under para. 70-a of ‘The Law’, in the conditions in which industrial or business plants that are transferred to Judea and Samaria and engage Israeli citizens would be eligible to the above grant (subsidy?), all in order to stimulate establishing enterprises in these areas (Judea and Samaria) while creating sources of employment.  


Any business or enterprise owner that has relocated, or is interested in relocating to Judea-Samaria, should apply to this department as follows

A business or enterprise owner, defined under Para. 62 of The Law,  should apply to the Investment Center in the Industry, Commerce and Employment Department.  An enterprise owner is defined as a person

The business or enterprise owner received, or is eligible to receive, a grant under para. 70-a of ‘The Law’

State the location of the relocated business plant

State the number of employed Israeli citizens

Any relevant detail about the functioning of the plant following its relocation

It is stressed that the Department has not yet decided whether or not to extend the grant to business enterprises relocating to Judea and Samaria , and this announcement  is solely intended to gather data on which basis the Department will consider follow-up actions on this subject.

This announcement does not constitute an obligation by  the Department towards any respondent, and the Department reserves the right to act in the Public Interest.

The Department reserves the right to request clarifications from any (or all) respondents without detracting from the above announcement.